Buy tickets from home

If you buy your ticket in our webshop, you'll get it sent by email. You can print and bring your ticket or scan it directly from the message on your phone when you get here.

You can also buy your ticket on the phone or at the ticket machine in front of the Zoo and skip the queue at the ticket office.


ADULT DKK 180* (*June 30th - August 12th DKK 195)

CHILD (3-11 years) DKK 100

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You can jump the queue when you buy your ticket on your phone or computer here at the webshop. You can also get your ticket in one of the ticket machines at the main entrance or buy it at the ticket offices.

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Discounts and special agreements

Group discount

Groups larger than 15 people are given a 10 per cent discount per ticket, child or adult ticket. This discount can only be given if the purchase is made at the entrance ticket offices. The group must enter together.

Discount BroKort 

Show your Swedish BroKort and get a 20 per cent off your total admission to the Zoo. The offer is valid for a maximum of 7 people.


At the entrance the Forbrugsforeningen payment card is accepted when you purchase tickets and season passes. With Forbrugsforeningen you achieve a 5 percent discount on tickets and season passes (10 percent online). There is no Forbrugsforeningen discount on season pass renewals. The Forbrugsforening card is not accepted in the Zoo’s shops, restaurants and kiosks at the Zoo. 

Handicap Helpers

If the disabled person purchases an entrance ticket or a season pass, the handicap helper does not need to pay admission to the Zoo when the disabled person is in possession of a companion card issued by Danish Disability Organisations, an accompanying card issued by  Danish Association of the Blind or a Child's Companion Card issued by IBS.

Press People

Contact Jacob Munkholm Hoeck at tel. +45 30 16 73 73 or jmh@zoo.dk.

Free access with press cards is only provided by prior agreement. Access is given to one person, and only applies to the press card issued by the DDF, DJ, M-FL, DP or by the Swedish Union of Journalists. Press Cards issued by other than those mentioned do not grant access to the Zoo.

It is not permitted to make commercial recordings in the Zoo without a previous arrangement. Kindly contact the press officers in advance.

For all other inquiries including all inquiries from students contact the Zoo on tel. +45 72 200 200 or zoo@zoo.dk.


With a season pass you have free access to the Zoo 365 days a year. When you buy a season pass, you support Zoo's work to save endangered species in the wild. You also get a 10 per cent discount in Zoo's restaurants and kiosks, entrance discount on a number of Danish amusement parks and much more.

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Annual Pass

As a season pass holder you can visit the Zoo every day of the year. As a season pass holder you support Zoo's daily work with the animals in the Zoo and help save endangered animals in the wild.

You also get:

• three evocative event days where you can bring a guest for free. The dates are set by Zoo
• Zoonyt magazine which is published four times a year
• digital Zoonyt with lots of extras
• 10 per cent discount in the shop, kiosks and restaurants in the Zoo. There is no discount on menus, reduced items and booked events.

• special offers on tours, travels and lectures
• 50 per cent discount on your entrance ticket to Odense Zoo
• discount ticket for numerous animal and theme parks: The Blue Planet, Ree Park Safari, Aqua - Aquarium and Wildlife Park, Fjord og Bælt, Givskud Zoo, Jesperhus Holiday Park, Kattegat Centre, Knuthenborg Safari Park, North Sea Oceanarium, Randers Rainforest, Fisheries and Maritime Museum, Scandinavian Wildlife Park, Aalborg Zoo, the Oresund Aquarium, Sommerland Sjælland theme park, Bonbon-land theme park, Fårup Sommerland theme park. 


CHILD (3-11 years) DKK 275


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Season Pass as a gift

If you wish to buy a season pass as a gift, it can only be done by buying a gift card, which can be exchanged into a season pass. It is only possible to register a season pass in person. The season pass is valid from the day it is registered and one year ahead.

You can buy a season pass at the mainentrance or in the webshop here at zoo.dk.

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Season Pass Conditions

Your season pass is personal. Your name, membership- and card number appear on the card. At the main entrance the staff will take your photo and print it on your card. When you use your card at the entrance to the Zoo, your picture will appear on a screen that is visible to the Zoo inspectors identifying you as the correct holder of the season pass. In some cases a season pass holder can be asked to show identification. If do not have a picture on your card, you will be asked to show photo identification every time you visit the Zoo.

A season pass gives free access to the Zoo all day and is valid for one year from the date of purchase. You can buy a new season pass as soon as the old one expires. You can check the expiration date for your season pass by logging on to zoo.dk.

If you forget your season pass, the staff will try to look you up. If you are registered, you can get into the Zoo by paying an administration fee DKK 40.

There is no expiration date on your season pass. Zoo will sent out a renewal form before your card expires and update it as soon as the new payment is registered.

Lost or damaged season passes will not be replaced. You can buy a replacement card for DKK 50 provided that you had your previous card blocked. Season passes are blocked by mail zoooo.dk or by tel. +45 72 200 200.

Confiscation of a season pass. Your season pass is strictly personal and cannot be used by others. If the pass is used by another person or the season pass holder fails to respect the Zoo’s rules of conduct, Zoo reserves the right to immediately confiscate the season pass.


Membership is mandatory. Season passes are not refundable, but if there are two season passes registered for the same person one of them is refundable if you have not already used the card.

Acceptance of the Zoo's membership terms and conditions. When you use your season pass, you accept the conditions listed above. Zoo reserves the right to change the membership conditions. Amended membership conditions will be made on zoo.dk and in Zoonyt.

Buy your season pass at the entrance or at the webshop. The ticket office closes half an hour before the Zoo closes.
ATTENTION! You can get a discount on your season pass if you have a valid ticket that has been purchased within the past 10 days. The price of an adult season pass can be reduced with the price of an adult ticket and a child season pass can be reduced with the price of a child ticket. You can do this via the webshop.

Gift card vouchers can be purchased at the main entrance or  and at the Zoo's webshop.

Change of address can be made at zoo.dk.

Registration for PBS. If you register your payment to PBS, use the following numbers: Membership number (found on your season pass) Zoo's PBS number: 00839760 Zoo debtor group number: 00202

Questions regarding season passes. Zoo Copenhagen, Roskildevej 38, 2000 Frederiksberg, tel. +72 200 200 or email billet@zoo.dk


Companies and schools can purchase tickets at a reduced price. Institutions can purchase a joint pass which includes employees and residents.

School passes and school tickets

When purchasing a school pass or a school ticket please please bring your EAN number as well asdocumentation (i.e. a letter) with an administration signature to confirm that students and teachers are connected to the school.

Primary and youth schools educating children under the age of 18 and included in the Primary School Law can buy a school pass for the Zoo.

School pass
A school pass costs DKK 25 per registered student at the school (0.-9. grade) – minimum price DKK 1.875.

School pass conditions
The after school clubs are included by the school pass for all students, teachers and pedagogues on weekdays during regular opening hours. It is also possible for the after school clubs to visit the Zoo at weekdays during the autumn and winter holidays.

Send an email to billet@zoo.dk to buy a new school pass. Please inform your EAN.

Please notice:
• The school pass does not apply at weekends and public holidays.
• The pass applies from the date of issue and a year ahead.
• The pass does not apply during the summer holidays.
• It is possible to include one teacher or pedagogue per eight students – extra teachers must pay regular entrance fee.

School tickets
Schools covered in the Primary Education Act can buy a special school ticket for DKK 40 per student, if the school does not have a school pass. It is possible to include one teacher or pedagogue per eight students – extra teachers must pay regular entrance fee. Please notice that this does not apply to the after school clubs.

School ticket conditions
School tickets can only be bought on weekdays and not during the summer holidays.

College tickets
Colleges can buy a special school ticket for DKK 40 per student. One teacher per eight students.

College ticket conditions
College tickets can only be bought on weekdays and not during the summer holidays.

Please notice:
• It is possible to include one teacher or pedagogue per eight students – extra teachers must pay regular entrance fee.
• Students older than 18 years must pay for an adult ticket DKK 180.

Adult students
Adult students from VUC, HF, technical - and graphical schools, agricultural schools, SOSU, business colleges, business schools etc. must pay adult tickets for DKK 180 per person, also when they are going to attend a lecture in the Zoo.
Pedagogues and student teachers can get free access when they have an educational agreement with the formal or informal education center. Other adult students must buy an adult ticket for DKK 180.

Institutional cards

Institutions can purchase an institutional card for the Zoo. The card is valid one year from the date of the purchase and provides access to the number of adults and children chosen by each institution.

The price of the institutional card depends on the number of adults and children who need to use it. For instance: If the card applies to 10 adults, the price is DKK 4400. Send an email to billet@zoo.dk with information like SE / CVR number and EAN.

Adult DKK 440 
Pensioners DKK 360
Child (3-11 years) DKK 275

Institutional cards are available for purchase on weekdays until 30 minutes before the zoo closes. During the summer holiday period the institutional cards can be purchased from 10 am to 17.30 pm.

Institutional cards can be used once a day and only on weekdays. The card may only be used in a professional context and will be confiscated if Zoo suspects some kind of abuse.

The card is only valid for the institution to which the card was issued. There cannot be purchased joint cards for different institutions neither to institutions with the same area management.

Particularly for the City of Copenhagen: There can not be issued joint cards for institutions under the same management. You need to bring the ID-number along with the EAN-number.

Zoo does not sell cards to institutions without a clear defined user group such as shelters, settlementer, neighborhood groups, playgroups and the like. ATTENTION! Bring documentation at the purchase such as a letter which proves that the teachers or staff work at the institution concerned and bring as well the EAN number. Contact the Zoo via email billet@zoo.dk or in person during business hours at:

Zoo Roskildevej 38 2000 Frederiksberg