Frequently asked questions

At what time are the animals fed? To create variation in the daily lives of the animals the feedings are not planned until a few days ahead. However, you can always find today's current feedings and other activities in our calendar.

Where do I see today's programme? The programmes are posted at Zoo's website and can also be followed at the infoscreens which are placed near the entrance, by the Zoo Tower, in the elephant house, at the Arctic Ring, in the Tropical House, the giraffe house and the hippo house. You can also log on at Zoo's free WI-FI with code HTEG9 (user Zoogaest) and follow today's program

Closes the garden all at once? The entire garden closes simultaneously. Ticket sales closes 30 minutes before the Zoo. Snack bars and restaurants close about 15 minutes before the Zoo. It is not possible to be in the Zoo after closing hours. If you want to experience the Zoo outside normal business hours, you can get a tour of the zooa meeting at the Zoo or have a party at the Zoo.

How old and how high is the Zootower? The Zootower is 43.5 meters heigh. It was built in 1905 and has since then went through several renovations. As it stands today, there are 182 steps to the upper plateau. The highest point at the top of the flagpole is 50 meters above the ground. It costs DKK 10 to get up the tower.

Can you take your dog to the zoo? For the sake of the caged animals and the ones in quarantine, do not take dogs or other animals inside the Zoo. Exceptions however are guide dogs and service dogs.

Where can I breastfeed and change diapers? 

You are always welcome to breastfeed your baby in the Zoo. If you need a good place to breastfeed, there is a breastfeeding corner in Restaurant Provianten. Here you will also find a microwave oven to warm baby food and baby bottles.

Zoo has plenty of toilets with diaperchanging possibilities. For example by the Tropical Zoo, Provianten and at the entrance to the Children's Zoo. Diapers can be handed out at the information desk at the main entrance in emergencies.

Where can I smoke at the Zoo? Indoor and outdoor areas of the Zoo are nonsmoking, but there are three smoking areas: By the Owl Tower, behind the tigers and by the savannah.

Can I buy cigarettes, diapers or sanitary napkins at the Zoo? You cannot buy cigarettes and sanitary napkins at the Zoo. Diapers can be handed out at the information desk at the main entrance in emergencies.

Can I borrow wheelchairs at the Zoo?  There are a limited number of wheelchairs. Enquiries can be made to the personnel at the entrance. It is advisable to pre-book at telephone 72 200 200. Zoo has signed the labeling scheme 'God Adgang' which assures great accessibility all over the Zoo making it easier for disabled people to move around the garden.

Can I rent carts and luggage lockers at the Zoo? Trolleys can be rented at the entrance. It costs DKK 50 to rent a trolley and the deposit is DKK 20, which you will get back when the trolley is returned. Luggage lockers are available at the Zoo entrance. It costs DKK 10.

I forgot one of my things at the Zoo, how do I get it back? Ask for lost items or phone 72 200 284 (after 2 pm), or go directly to the personnel at the entrance.

Can I visit the restaurants without going to the Zoo? Unfortunately it is not possible to use the restaurants without visiting the Zoo. If you want to host a dinner in the Zoo, you can book a room and a menu including admission to the Zoo. It is also possible to have a conferencebachelorette partybirthday party or celebration at the Zoo.

Can I book a table in one of the restaurants (Konnilds and Provianten)? Since we want to offer the best service to all visitors at the Zoo, it is not possible to book a table either in Konnild's or Provianten. It is also possible to host a conferencebachelorette partybirthday party or celebration.

Where do I get answers to questions about the animals at the Zoo? Send your questions to All written inquiries regarding animal questions will be answered as soon as possible and at the latest within one week. You can also follow "Zoo" on Facebook, where questions are answered on a regular basis.

Can I as a student ask Zoo questions / make a survey? Due to numerous inquiries and limited staff capacity in this area, send your questions by mail ( From there, we assess whether the response by mail is sufficient, or whether we should arrange a personal meeting. Students are encouraged to examine look for the answers to their questions online before contacting the Zoo.

Can I exhibit my art in the Zoo? Previously it was possible to exhibit in the Zoo, but due to the fact of correlation between the Zoo resources, and the experience it gave the visitors. It is unfortunately no longer possible to exhibit in the Zoo.

Can you leave the Zoo and enter again on the same ticket? You cannot leave the Zoo and get back in on the same ticket. However, you can make an appointment with the inspectors in the entrance personnel if you need to leave the Zoo for a short while.

Can you buy a season pass that is not personal, as a gift? All season passes are personal. If you want to give a season ticket as a gift, it can be purchased in the Zoo or via the web shop on Season passes are valid from the date of purchase and 12 months ahead. As a gift we recommend that you buy a gift certificate that can be redeemed for a season pass valid from the date of redemption. The gift card is valid for five years from the date of purchase.

Can you have more than one card for the same membership? For children under the age of 12 years you can get an additional one for DKK 50. Remember to mention at the purchase, that it is an extra card.

Should I report a change of address when I move if I have a season pass? If you remember us in connection with your move, you make sure you get Zoonyt at your home address. Via the front of you can log in with your membership number and postal code. Here you can view and correct your data. To change the address you need to login with your membership number and your old postal code. Use the 'Login button' and not 'enter'. After correcting the address, continue to use your new postal code to log in.

I have retired. How do I change the membership? To change your membership please email your date of birth to When you receive a reply to your mail, your payment information will be changed to senior. Now you can choose to correct the amount at the payment slip for the Zoo or to pay at Zoo's webshop.