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There’s a good reason to leave your packed lunch at home when you go to ZOO. Over the summer and autumn, ZOO has launched a brand new culinary experience which encompasses all four corners of the world and focuses on diversity, taste and quality.

In short: At ZOO, our mission is for you to be able to explore all types of animals and all types of food cultures, where you then go home full of knowledge and good food!

"I’m very proud of the culinary options and quality that we, within a short period of time, have put together at ZOO. Our mission has been for the new culinary options to eradicate the popular notion that the animals eat better than the visitors at ZOO. By focusing on various kinds of street food and other high-quality food concepts, we have already shown that food can play a key role at ZOO. We are now ready to hit the ground running with a wide range that hits the green zeitgeist – from burgers grilled on lava stones, gourmet hot dogs and stone-baked pita bread to delicious, organic crepes and quality coffee to go ".

Christian Higraff, commercial director

Quality coffee on your way

Under the ZOO tower you will be greeted by our latest, delicious coffee stand. Here you will find your favourite coffee as well as buns, croissants and cakes. Perfect to take away or to enjoy while sitting at the café tables.

WHERE: The coffee pavilion in front of the main entrance

Jakobsens Pita

At Jakobsen’s Pita you have options such as delicious stone-baked pita bread with flame-grilled leg of lamb, beef, chicken or halloumi cheese, all year round. 

WHERE: The ZOO Arena

Lejre Mikropølsemageri

Lejre Mikropølsemageri, sausage makers with proud traditions, offers gourmet hot dogs of the highest quality. Here you can get your hands on everything from ordinary sausages to chili sausages or cheese sausages, as well as venison sausages with bacon and wild garlic, to name a few. 

WHERE: The ZOO Arena

The Fish Project

Opposite the iconic monkey cave you will find a completely new food stand: The Fish Project.

Here you can get freshly made fish & chips of an exceptional quality. As well as the classic fish & chips, there are other exciting options of to-go meals from the sea.

WHERE: In front of abegrotten (the monkey cave) 

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At ZOO, you are welcome to eat your packed lunch at one of the many cosy outdoor dining areas. You can also enjoy your food in the lunchbox house, which is heated in the winter. The lunchbox house is in the Children’s Zoo.


You are always welcome to breastfeed your baby at ZOO. If you need a private corner in order to breastfeed, there is a breastfeeding space at Restaurant Provianten. Here you will also find a microwave oven, which is intended for heating baby food and baby’s bottles. 

ZOO has toilets with changing tables in The Primates’ World, Tropical Zoo, Children’s Zoo, Elephant House, Arctic Ring and Restaurant Provianten. 

Table reservations can always be made on the same day, in person at the Cafe (not by telephone). 

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