The Café

Konnild’s is open every day of the week from 10 am. The kitchen opens at 11.30.
The café is decorated with African masks, spears and objects brought home by the explorer Johannes Konnild. From the restaurant you can watch the camels right by the window which gives a unique atmosphere.

Practical info:
- The kitchen closes 30 minutes before the Zoo.
- Reservations can only be made in person and only on the day of your visit. It is not possible to make reservations during holidays, on public holidays or on weekends.
- It is not allowed to bring your own meal, prams or strollers at Konnild’s. There is a nursing corner with a microwave for heating up baby food and bottles in Provianten which is a family restaurant.

Zoo offers free wifi:
User: Zoogaest • Password: HTEG9


Provianten opens every day at 10 am.

The restaurant serves healthy food where you can choose between different kinds of chicken, salads and potatoes. A selection of fastfood is also available.


Enjoy the food at the restaurant or have a picnic.

Provianten offers a nursingcorner with a microwave for heating up baby food and feeding bottles at Provianten.


There is a number of food shops at the Zoo where you can buy ice cream, candy, fastfood and cold and warm drinks. Check out the map to see where you can find the foodshops.

Bring your own food

You are welcome to bring your own food. There are a number of cosy outdoor dining areas in the Zoo. You can enjoy your lunch at the Lunchbox House which is heated during the winter.

The Lunchbox House is placed at the Children’s Zoo. See the map below.


Breastfeeding and babyfood

You are free to breastfeed your baby in the Zoo. A nursing corner with a microwave for heating up babyfood and feeding bottles is found at Provianten.

Zoo har iøvrigt toiletter med puslebord ved Primaternes Verden, Tropezoo, Børnezoo, Elefanthuset, i Den Arktiske Ring og Restaurant Provianten. 


The Danish veterinary and food administration smiley report

Since 2001 the Danish veterinary and food administration has been giving out smiley’s. The administration controls hygiene, packagings, information at the packages etc.

Click here to see the Danish veterinary and food administration smiley report:

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