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Zoological Garden (ZOO)’s purposes

ZOO is one of the leading cultural institutions in Denmark. ZOO’s goal is to increase understanding of and interest in wildlife and nature through experiences provided in a relevant, activating and entertaining way. ZOO is also a leading information centre for animals, including exotic animals and the conservation of their habitats in the wild. For ZOO to live up to its purpose and optimise your experience, both regarding visits to ZOO and regarding the use of ZOO’s digital solutions and offers, we collect and process personal data about our guests and users.


ZOO respects your privacy

ZOO does not process information about guests etc. which is not described in this privacy policy. In general, ZOO only collects information which you provide to ZOO and/or which is gained when you make use of ZOO’s digital offers and other services. If ZOO collects information from other sources, ZOO will comply with the applicable requirements. ZOO does not collect sensitive information about race, ethnicity, political, religious, sexual or philosophical beliefs, but note that if you provide such information via social media or otherwise, ZOO may have such personal data disclosed in its systems in this way.


ZOO is the data controller, contact information

As data controller, ZOO performs all processing of personal data subject to applicable legislation. ZOO has high demands for compliance with ethical standards in this area. ZOO emphasises the importance of you feeling comfortable when using our digital services and generally in your contact with ZOO. Therefore, we have created this policy, which you are encouraged to read. All questions about ZOO’s processing of personal data should be addressed to:


The personal data legislation

According to Regulation 2016/679, the EU Data Protection Regulation and the Danish additional law (collectively the Personal Data Legislation), you have the right to be informed about ZOO’s processing of your personal data. With this policy, ZOO aims to provide relevant information about ZOO’s processing of personal data and about the terms and conditions which apply in relation to your personal data. You can find further information about the legislation on ZOO continuously updates and changes the personal data policy so that it always complies with legislation and technological developments. We will notify you of any major changes in the form of a visible message on The date of last update of the personal data policy is 15 May 2018.


What is personal information/personal data?

Personal information is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. In short, it is all types of information which is directly or indirectly linked to an individual. It may be a name, address, age/date of birth, gender, phone number, email address, photos, product purchases using payment function, interests and interactions with ZOO including guests’/annual pass holders’ preferred use of ZOO and ZOO’s activities. (Hereinafter, personal information shall be referred to as "Information").


Generally concerning the purpose of the processing and ZOO’s basis for processing data

ZOO’s overall objective for processing the Information we collect is to run ZOO in accordance with ZOO’s statutory objectives, to undertake marketing of ZOO and to make your experience as good as possible when visiting ZOO. This is regardless of whether this happens as a visit to ZOO, digitally via, via social media or in any other form of interaction with ZOO.


ZOO only processes your Information if it is allowed to do so. ZOO’s basis for processing your Information is primarily to comply with the agreement concluded when purchasing annual passes or other services. ZOO processes portrait photos on the basis of consent. The same applies to the sending of marketing material, unless it can lawfully happen on another basis. In addition, the processing of personal data is done on the basis of ZOO’s legitimate interest in conducting marketing as well as developing existing and new services/products; as part of ZOO’s operation and administration, including to implement controls and to prevent fraud; for analysis and statistics; in order to take legal action; and where legislation allows processing.



ZOO does not knowingly collect information from children under 13 years old. If ZOO becomes aware that ZOO is processing Information about a child under 13 without parental or guardian consent, ZOO will do everything possible to delete the Information. If you become aware that a child under 13 has provided us with Information without parental or guardian consent, please contact ZOO.


ZOO collects Information in the following way:

  1. When you accept the use of cookies (1). ZOO uses third parties.


  1. When you provide your information to ZOO in other ways, in connection with contracts and through consent, for example:


  • For online trade, including the purchase of tickets and execution of other transactions.


  • When you order events, courses and trips, sign up for our newsletter or for other experiences.


  • For sponsorships, donations and wills in favour of ZOO.


  • When participating in promotions, contests or surveys.


  1. When you use our services or otherwise interact with ZOO, digitally or physically, you will often provide Information such as your name, gender, address, email address, financial information, interests and other information which is needed so ZOO can offer and implement our range of experiences, services and contracts, for example:


  • when using your ZOO annual pass.
  • during personal or telephone contact.
  • when browsing


  1. when using social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter where you actively refer to a unit under ZOO, such as by using Like, Share, Tag, etc., or hashtags, comments on ZOO articles, video clips, etc., follow ZOO’s profiles on social media or otherwise communicate through social media.


ZOO uses and processes the Information we collect for the following subsidiary objectives:

  • Processing and fulfilment of your purchase as well as delivery of experiences, events, products or services.


  • Delivering your wishes for experiences, events, delivery of products or services.


  • Improving ZOO and ZOO’s offers, including experiences, events, products and services.


  • Personalisation and targeting of ZOO and our partner’s communication as well as marketing to you, to the extent the law allows it.


  • Administration of annual passes, sponsorships, donations and memberships as well as to develop your relationship with ZOO, including agreements on sponsorships and donations.


  • Conclusion of agreements in general.


  • Compliance with legal obligations in general, and in situations where it is necessary or appropriate and provided for by the law.


  • Statistical analysis (2), traffic measurement, behavioural targeting of marketing, improvement of technical functionality including by collection of technical information about your computer settings, browser, etc. ZOO uses Google Analytics, see


The information is processed within the described purposes and purposes which are not inconsistent with these. Information will only be disclosed outside ZOO’s organisation if it is allowed to be, for example, to collaborators if you have given your consent or if it is permitted by law. An example of this is if ZOO has an objective need and a legitimate interest in doing so. It may also be to perform an agreement for the sake of a legal obligation, in general, or to meet legal requirements.


Payment and storage of information about purchases and orders

Payment is made through professional actors. Currently, the professional actor is Bambora. Transfers of account information are done with encryption, which provides a high level of security. The account information is not stored by ZOO in readable form, but rather is sent directly to the payment systems. The information about the purchases and orders themselves is kept by ZOO for possible future use as long as the Information is relevant, per the section on storage and use below.


Partners, including ZOO’s use of data processors

ZOO may give your Information to ZOO’s advisors, courts and public authorities as well as to selected and trusted partners, for example, to implement credit card payments and to provide products and services to you. This includes data processors working based on a written data processing agreement and under ZOO’s instructions. Data processors may not use your Information for purposes other than for the provision of services to ZOO. Data processors and other providers have taken on duties of confidentiality and duties to comply with the Personal Data Legislation. If data processors are resident outside the EU/EEA, ZOO will ensure that necessary measures are taken to ensure an adequate level of protection.


Security at ZOO

ZOO performs its obligations to protect your information through technical and organisational measures. ZOO works to guard against unauthorised access and use, destruction, alteration, or unauthorised exposure of Information belonging to ZOO and to you. Only the necessary number of people at ZOO, who have substantial need to do so, will have access to your Information. ZOO has adopted internal rules on information security which contain instructions and measures to protect your Information.


ZOO takes all reasonable precautions to avoid containing viruses etc. ZOO cannot guarantee that is, at any time, free from viruses and disclaim any liability for any losses resulting from this. We recommend that you protect yourself and your Information by closing your browser after use, logging out of your accounts, installing antivirus software and regularly updating your software and apps. ZOO also works with data transfers with safety in mind, but complete security of data transfers cannot be guaranteed, and any liability for loss is disclaimed. This means that there may be a risk of others gaining access to Information when it is sent and stored electronically.


Breaches of security

ZOO is not responsible for losses of any kind arising from the use of our services, from break-ins at ZOO’s systems or from other malfunctions for which ZOO is not responsible. You therefore provide your Information at your own risk, but as stated, we do everything possible to have a robust level of security. If unauthorised persons should gain access to your Information, ZOO will immediately begin to remedy the situation and will comply with Personal Data Legislation’s information obligation.


Video surveillance

ZOO uses video surveillance. It is used with a view to ensuring the security of our guests and employees, preventing crime and securing evidence for police investigations in case of crime. The video recordings are stored in secure environments and with limited access by security personnel. ZOO makes it clear that video surveillance is used through signage on our premises.


Deletion of Information

ZOO deletes your Information when it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected, processed and stored, respective to not incompatible purposes. Information is generally stored for a minimum of five years from purchase or other interaction with ZOO, in accordance with accounting law and other legislation. ZOO can delay deletion if the law permits or requires it.


Your rights

On request, you can gain insight into what Information ZOO has processed about you and accessible information about where this came from as well as what we use it for. You can also ascertain how long ZOO will store your Information and who receives Information about you, to the extent we disclose Information inside or outside Denmark. Access to insight may be limited for the sake of other people’s privacy, trade secrets or other legislation.


If your Information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you have the right to have the Information corrected or deleted. Since ZOO’s service is dependent on your Information being correct and up to date, please inform us of any relevant changes. See the section "contact ZOO" below.


The consent you provide is voluntary. If you change your mind, you can easily withdraw your consent for the future by contacting us, for example, you can unsubscribe from newsletters and ZOONEWS. You should be aware that ZOO may process information on legal grounds other than consent, for example, under the so-called balancing of interests rule.


Right of complaint

You have a right to complain about ZOO’s processing of your Information. Complaints must be filed with the DPA,, but ZOO would appreciate you contacting us beforehand in order to find a solution. ZOO’s only wish is that guests and annual pass holders are satisfied. That is an extremely important part of ZOO’s purpose. Thank you for taking the time to read our personal data policy.


Contact ZOO

If you want more information, wish to use your right of access or wish to modify or delete your Information, please contact ZOO. You can either write to us at ZOO, 38 Roskildevej, DK-2000, Frederiksberg or contact us at

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(2) For purposes of statistical analysis, information will typically be anonymised, and will as such not be personal data.