New tiger playground

There is a new playground at the Zoo. Hear project coordinator Katrine Friholm tell about the tiger playground by the tigers where you can find both a jeep, a secret path and two real size tigers.

The kangaroo playground

Jump into the kangaroo pouch of the gigantic wooden kangaroo.

Ride the wooden wombat and try the mini excavator in the sandbox.

The bear cave by the bears

The former brown bear enclosure has been converted into a climbing wall for children.

Unlike in the past where the writing said "Do not climb" and warned enthusiastic audiences about the dangers of falling over the fence,

the writing now says: "Be brave! Climb the wall!"
The floor is covered with orange rubber asphalt, which takes the top of the worst shocks, if they fall down.



At the Children's Zoo, children can pet a goat, get painted like a tiger or race against a cheetah. They can also meet pigs, ponies and cows. At the rabbit stable they can see different kinds of breeds.

Visit the goats

In Africa the African pygmy goat is kept because of its meat. Zoo uses the pygmy goats as pets.
The African pygmy goat is a sturdy little friendly goat. Feel free to pet the goats.

When it has had enough of the petting, it just goes into the barn, where children do not have access.
Visitors are not allowed to feed the goats.

ZOOLAB: Use your busybodies

In the Zoolab children can get close to insects, learn about animals and cut, draw or plaster castings in our workshops.

The lab is open on weekends, holidays and public holidays. See the themes below.


Children can be painted like their favorite animal. It costs DKK 60. The face painting booths are located near the parrots outside the Tropical Zoo and at the Children's Zoo during the weekends from 10 am to15 pm.

In case of cold or very wet weather the face painting booth will either be located inside the entrance to the Tropical Zoo or remain closed.



Give your child (age 8-10) an extraordinary experience! Zoo organizes camps for children in the summer, autumn and winter holidays.

Children aged 11-12 years can join in a week in August, and children aged 6- 8 can join a one day camp on selected dates during the year.

Læs om Zoocamp


It is possible to throw birthday parties for children of all ages in the Zoo.

The 4 – 6 year olds can be animal detectives, the 6 -12 year -olds can meet creeps and crawlings, while the 8- 12 year -olds can try out the role as a zookeeper in the Tropical Zoo.

Hold fødselsdag i Zoo


You are welcome to breastfeed your baby at the Zoo. If you need a calm place, there is a breastfeeding corner in Restaurant Provianten. Here you will also find a microwave oven.

Zoo has restrooms with changing tables at the World of Primates, the Tropical Zoo, Children's Zoo, the Elephant House, the Arctic Ring and in Restaurant Provianten.

Restrooms with changing tables