The south America programme

The monitoring of lion tamarins in the two reserves Poço das Antas and União north of Rio de Janeiro continued in 2015. The results from the monitoring continued to be an important element in the overall management of lion tamarins throughout their range. Bengt Holst and Kristin Leus participated in a strategic planning meeting for the organization which is responsible for the management of the golden lion tamarin AMLD (Golden Lion Tamarin Association) in March 2015.

At the meeting an update were given on the status of the population, its distribution and genetic profile. On the basis of this a new plan for the management of the species were developed for the next ten years in order to ensure a self-sustained population. In addition, the Zoo sponsored with support from Helene E.B. Marckwardt’s Fund the participation of Professor James Dietz, co-founder of the organization Save the Golden Lion Tamarin, in the 10th International Conference on Behaviour, Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife held in Berlin.