1. Chimpanzee geotagging project.

Christina Hvilsom (Zoo) in collaboration with Pompeu Fabra University, University of Copenhagen and University of Chicago. In December 2014 a milestone was reached as the genetic material from 60 chimpanzees of known origin in Africa was mapped. Markers in the genome that are unique to the geographical origin are now being studied further so that the geotagging can be used on chimpanzees of unknown origin.

2. Genetic tool for determining origin.

This project uses 60,000 geotagging markers to determine the origin of chimpanzees in zoos and sanctuaries in Africa as well as confiscated chimpanzees caught in the illegal trade. The initial analysis is promising and the hope is to use this genetic tool to strengthen existing and future conservation projects on chimpanzees and to use it in the fight against illegal trade of chimpanzees.