Presscontact and -info

NOTE: The contact numbers and email addresses below are for media/press contact only. Only inquiries from the media will be answered. For student inquiries or general questions, please visit the Visitor reception in the Zoo, email us at zoo@zoo.dk or phone +45 72 20 02 00.

Press Officer: Jacob Munkholm Hoeck, e-mail jmh@zoo.dk, phone +45 30 16 73 73.

Access with Press ID

Free admission with Press ID only if an appointment has been made in advance and only if it is concerning media and press.
Access for one person only with a Press ID issued from DDF, DJ, M-FL, DP and Svenska Journalistforbundet. All other Press ID will not provide free access to the Zoo.

Commercial recordings at the Zoo are not allowed without prior appointment. Please contact the Press Officer.


The Zoo has its own YouTube-channel, where the latest news is uploaded. See how the veterinarians work when a polar bear is anesthetized or how an elephant move from Copenhagen to Italy.
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